October 2017 What We're Reading

October 2017: What We're Reading

By: The Center Team

We’re here to help you make your business spending more strategic, intelligent, and connected. Stay up to date and on track with recent insights from business strategy experts and fintech thought leaders.

The Future CFO: Less Finance and More Strategy?
Clare Cascoigne for Raconteur | @raconteur

The role of the CFO is undergoing a fundamental shift, with increasing emphasis on analytical skills, technology, and strategy. CFOs increasingly seek to be an objective, independent voice in the boardroom.

"Grasping the possibilities of technology, way beyond the simple data-crunching already taking place in most finance departments, is key for the future CFO. The more time spent on analytics, in particular the forecasting and risk management analytics made possible by big data, the more strategic insight a CFO can offer to the board, and becoming part of strategic decision-making team is an increasing part of the CFO’s future."

Managing Employee Spend Strategically
Guy LaCorte (Concur GM) for Spend Matters| @SpendMatters

Employee spending is more opaque and difficult to track than ever. Here are some clear steps you can take to make your team’s spending more strategic, intelligent, and connected.

"Employees have access to and are spending more of your company’s money across more spend categories using more payment methods than ever before."

Three Often Overlooked Ways to Quickly Boost Your Profit Margin
David Finkel for Inc. | @DavidFinkel

Three powerful levers for maximizing profit margin, including ideas for eliminating tasks and activities that don’t add value and helping all employees see how they contribute to profitability.

"With all your activities and business parts, live by the precept: Feed your winners; starve your losers. This includes with your marketing activities, your sales force, your general staff, your company initiatives, your reporting, etc. So cut your losers, and feed a portion of the saved time and money into your winners. This will greatly boost your profitability."

More Business Travelers Go 'Rogue,' Booking On Their Own
Harriet Edleson for The New York Times | @HarrietEdleson

As more employees take control of their own business travel arrangements, employers explore ways to keep track of travelers’ whereabouts and ensure their safety.

“Fifty to 60 percent of hotel bookings always existed outside. People of different generations are traveling who are used to everything being at their fingertips. Compliance is hard to mandate.”

Five Steps to Strategic Spend Management
Proformative | @proformative

A whitepaper detailing initiatives that can guide your company toward a more strategic approach to expense and invoice management.

"As a business leader, you are accountable, but you don’t want to hear from the finance team that you’ve blown your Q2 budget and you’re only halfway through the quarter."

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“Employees have access to and are spending more of your company’s money across more spend categories using more payment methods than ever before.”