Deliver better outcomes


Deliver Better Outcomes

Achieve more with dynamic, real time Spend Insights

Deliver Better Outcomes


Financial FOMO* is Real

*Fear of Missed Opportunity

You know there are inefficiencies and waste in your company spend. If you just had a little more time and easier access to the data... you could trim travel costs. Help marketing hit its budget. Update expense policies. Recommend ways to cut this quarter's expenses by 10%. The strategic work that makes a real impact. Unfortunately, you never get to these projects because you're too busy with traditional expense processing, and your software's reporting is limited at best.


Missed Targets


The Cost of Missed Opportunities, Minimal Analysis, and Unoptimized Spend

  • Partial reimbursement for billable expenses
  • Money wasted on duplicative or inappropriate spend
  • Unaddressed or missed trends, spending spikes, or anomalous behavior
  • Budget or contract over-runs
  • Across-the-board budget cuts or travel freezes

Optimizing Spend for Better Outcomes with Center SpendOps



Get top-line reporting to track spend in real time, and drill down for more details. View spend by cost center, expense type, vendor, and employee. 

Use Spend Insights to review tough-to-track spend like subscriptions or travel to help drive cost savings, identify impactful policy changes,, and hit budget targets. 


✔︎ DYNAMIC       

✔︎ REAL-TIME       


Spend Insights
Manage Tough-to-Track Expenses

Manage Tough-to-Track Expenses

With more and more decentralized, employee-driven spend, it's hard for finance to get company-level information around expenses like software subscriptions, office procurement, and digital marketing. 

Center's Spend Insights make it easy to analyze and report by specific expense categories, cost centers, vendors, and employees to inform better decisions and take action.

Improve Billable and Project Tracking

Improve Billable and Project Tracking

Attributing expenses to specific clients, grants, projects, or contracts helps drive more accurate accounting and better budgeting, for greater likelihood of hitting targets.

Use custom fields to track those expenses easily, and mark them as receivable if they should be passed through to clients.

Expense Details

Understand the Details Behind the Numbers

Most reporting gives you a quick way to look at top-line numbers, but understanding the details behind those numbers takes more work.

Spend Insights give you both: a visual representation of spend by cost center or expense type, with dynamic drill-down for all the details.

Key Features

Insights Dashboard

Review top-line spend across the company and by cost center.

Drill-Down Details

Understand the information behind the numbers with drill-down details.


Analyze spend by vendor to identify opportunities to negotiate cost savings.


Use employee data to inform policy decisions, budgeting, and coaching.

Expense Type Insights

Track, analyze, and optimize even the toughest types of spend, like subscriptions.

Track Billable Expenses

Tag and track billable expenses with easy export to the GL.

Expect More

You don't need pivot tables in spreadsheets or complicated visualization tools to optimize your company spending. With Center's Spend Insights, you see the forest and the trees: spending across the business, plus all the details driving trends.



Check out dynamic, real-time reporting in Spend Insights for yourself:

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