Increase visibility


Increase Visibility 

Empower your team with real-time data and just-right controls

Increase Visibility


Warning: Low Visibility Zone


The traditional expense report process is full of blind spots that create hazardous conditions for your finance team and management. You don't know what's been spent, by whom, until employees submit expense reports for reimbursement at the end of the month. 


Expense Report Blind Spots

    The Cost of Low Visibility, Using Personal Cards, and Insufficient Controls

    • Expense data comes in too late to take action

    • Delayed or missing data creates inaccurate forecasts
    • Finding needed expense details becomes an investigative process
    • Managers can't track their department budgets until after monthly close
    • Unexpected spend is only seen after the fact
    • Using personal cards creates financial burden for employees

    Increasing Visibility and Controls with Center SpendOps



    The Center SpendOps Suite gives you real-time visibility into spending as it happens, with flexible spend controls for employees.

    You have fewer surprises, quick access to information at your fingertips, and the ability to make adjustments proactively.


    ✔︎ IMMEDIATE         

    ✔︎ ACCESSIBLE       

    ✔︎ EASY


    Real-Time Visibility

    Make Expensing Easy for Everyone

    Make Expensing Easy for Everyone

    With more spend happening at the employee level, it's important that the expense process works for everyone. That means simple usability for everyone from frequent travelers to the leadership team.

    Provide employees with CenterCard® Visa® Business Debit Cards for company purchases. Real-time expensing in the CenterCard mobile app means no more monthly expense reports for employees to file and immediate visibility for finance and managers.


    Provide Up-to-Date Actuals

    Empower Managers with Up-to-Date Actuals

    Department managers rely on your finance team to help them achieve one of their foundational tasks: hitting their budget targets. That job is made even more challenging with little-to-no visibility into employee spend until the books are closed.

    Help managers by providing access to up-to-date actuals with real-time reporting. They can see and review their employees' expenses throughout the month, and they won't have to ask you to pull the data for them. Win-win.


    Just-Right Spend Controls

    Establish Just-Right Spend Controls

    Some people think the best way to control spend is to require employees to use personal cards for business expenses. But this creates a financial burden for employees and leaves the business with no visibility until expense reports are filed. 

    Corporate cards with just-right spend controls and dynamic policies offer a solution to both problems: they empower employees to conduct company business while giving finance teams better visibility. 

    Key Features


    View, search, approve, and export to the GL from one consolidated location.


    Get visibility from the time of purchase, for review, reporting, and timely action.

    Manager Review and Reporting

    Help managers track spend against budget with real-time actuals.

    Integrated Corporate Card

    Empower employees to make company purchases with CenterCard.®

    CenterCard Mobile App

    Replace the traditional expense report with real-time expensing. 

    Flexible Card Controls

    Set and adjust card limits. Lock and unlock cards, with pre-purchase workflows.

    Expect More

    Visibility and controls together give your finance team the tools needed to empower employee spending, monitor expenses in real time, and take timely action.



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