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Specializing in IoT and Fintech,
Touchstone ID offers concept-to-production engineering services



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Center's hardware division, Touchstone ID, provides turnkey design and development services for clients looking for custom IoT (Internet of Things) devices, with a specialization in the areas of payments, connectivity, and security.

Based in Kitchener, Ontario since 2014, the Touchstone ID engineering team brings together deep expertise in consumer electronics, firmware, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and supply chain management to create innovative products for global customers. 



The Touchstone ID hardware lab in Kitchener is set up for rapid prototyping, product iteration, and product testing with 3D printing, test equipment, and engineering expertise. The Touchstone ID office in China directly supports suppliers and manufacturers. 


Digital Wallet

The digital wallet is a premium product featuring an elegant and robust metal enclosure, long battery life, responsive user experience and a full feature set. Use cases include: payment cards, transportation access, office badge, loyalty cards, and identification card.

Some of the key technologies at use include:

  • Proprietary operating system
  • NFC payments, tags
  • EMV with open wallet OS
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large touch screen



Specializing in Fintech, IoT and Security


Touchstone ID has a background in Fintech, IoT, and Security, which together support the capability to create unique product and customer propositions that span industries and use cases. 


Fintech is a new, disruptive, and rapidly expanding industry. It brings traditional financial products and services into the digital world, making customer and consumers lives easier through innovation. TouchstoneID has simplified, enhanced, and revolutionized the payment card by embedding mobile phone technology into a beautifully enclosed traditional payment card.

internet of things

The Internet of Things revolution is already here. Every day more things are interconnected to improve data and to optimize systems and experiences. TouchstoneID has leveraged IoT concepts and technologies to interconnect our generic embedded platform to mobile phones, cloud services, and payment networks. The platform is capable of in-feld data analytics, software updates, and personalization.


Security is of paramount concern. Personal information must be guarded with the highest level achievable. Confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation are the pillars of Touchstone ID's security architecture. We ensure this with professional integration of industry standard cryptographic algorithms. And with our air-gapped hardware security module acting as Certificate Authority, we can achieve the utmost of security design.




Digital Card with screen



    Digital Payment Card

    The digital card represents the next generation of payments. It is a premium product featuring an elegant and robust metal enclosure and advanced feature set. Use cases include: payment and loyalty card, transportation access, office badge, identification card.

    Some of the key technologies at use include:

    • Proprietary operating system
    • NFC payments, tags
    • EMV with open wallet OS
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Large touch screen

    Products and Use Cases

    Example applications of innovation at work

    Credit/Debit Card

    • A single or dual interface credit card.
    • In-field personalization through TSM.
    • Remotely disable payments

    Loyalty Card

    • Collect and use loyalty points.
    • View and use points from device.
    • Increased customer engagement

    Access Badge/ID Card

    • Increased security through pass code
    • Secure photo provision
    • Remote configuration
    • Indoor location tracking

    Smart Displays

    • Publish & persist information to display
    • Interact with surroundings
    • End-to-end encryption of content

    luggage tag
    Digital Luggage Tags

    • Replace disposable printed tags
    • Reusable, secure and traceable
    • Reduce traveler check-in lines.

    Asset Tracking

    • Display QR and Barcode
    • RFID and NFC Tags
    • Bluetooth mesh communication & tracking


      Standard Platform Services


      Touchstone ID has developed a proprietary IoT platform that is secure, robust, scaleable and power efficient. The platform has been leveraged across several products, allowing for rapid development and fast time-to-market. Use of the standard Touchstone ID platform ensures high quality, secure access, and simplified debugging and analytics.

      remote analtics

      • In-field over the air software updates
      • Secure file syncing
      • User data configuration
      • Personalization
      • Device and usage statistics
      • Offline storage


      • PKI
      • Encryption and decryption
      • Application signature checking
      • Data integrity
      • Data confidentiality
      • Locked down secure bootloader


      • Connect/Disconnect
      • Pair/Bond (encrypted communications)
      • BLE Privacy & Security features
      • API bindings
        • iOS - Swift
        • Android - Java
        • POSIX - Python

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