Why Center


Why Center?

Next-gen expense tools to help your finance team achieve more

It's Time to Rethink Your Expense Process


Your expense process? If you're like a lot of people we've talked to, you understand that your expense process isn't perfect—but it seems manageable for now. After all, you have higher priorities and more urgent projects to tackle.

At Center, we've observed that inefficiencies in expense processing actually keep teams from working on those higher priorities. What if you could spend less time processing expenses and more time analyzing your spend?

Center believes now is the time to transform the expense process for three key reasons:


clock No matter what system you use today, expense processing takes too much time.

card Card spend is growing, and very little of that spend is managed efficiently.

money Your company counts on you to maximize return on every dollar spent.

Center's next-gen spend and expense solutions use real-time data to streamline processing and surface powerful insights. 

Finance at the Center





Center is a technology company with deep roots in the world of corporate finance. As we work alongside controllers and accountants to improve financial operations, we often see teams using software that creates more work, not less.

We think your software should work harder for you. At Center, we bring together real-time spend data, AI and ML, streamlined workflows, and data analytics to create solutions that simplify the entire expense process, for everyone from the office manager to the exec team.

Most of all, we want to deliver tools designed with finance at the center. While we’re starting with the spend and expense cycle, we believe the basic SpendOps premise—streamlining operations so you can optimize spend—applies to a range of financial operations. We look forward to continued collaborations with innovative financial teams like yours.


The Center Difference

No More Expense Reports

Let's face it: Expense reports are expensive and inefficient. Center SpendOps makes submitting and managing expenses practically effortless.



Truly Focused on Finance

Traditional expense software creates time-consuming busywork for the finance team. Center's finance-focused solutions minimize manual processing time to maximize impact.

One Tool, Start to Finish

Managing expenses well usually requires multiple tools: expense reporting software, corporate card and p-card feeds, audit tools, spreadsheets, GL, and reporting. Simplify with Center SpendOps Suite.



Modern AI/ML Architecture

If you're just digitizing traditional paper-based processes, as most of today's tools do, the best you can hope for is a system of record. Center's smart use of AI and ML transforms expense management into a dynamic system of intelligence.

Simple to Setup, Easy to Use

Get started quickly with Center SpendOps Suite. Implementation is quick, and ongoing administration such as adding or deleting cardholders, updating workflows, or creating custom flags, is easy.


Expect More from Your Expense Software


Most companies just manage expenses. Achieve more with the Center SpendOps Suite, the complete AI-powered spend and expense solution created especially for growing companies.


More Time

More Time

Automate reviews and audit to speed time-to-close


More Visibility

More Visibility

Monitor spending in real time for immediate action


More Insights

More Insights

Optimize spend to get the most out of every dollar


Better Spend Operations Matter


Processing expenses is time-consuming, whether it involves spreadsheets, software, bank tools, or a combination of all three. With multiple inputs, expense reports are prone to error and require additional review in finance, not to mention manual audits, accruals, and GL coding. Improving spend operations saves time, increases data accuracy, and shortens time to close, which means your company can make decisions faster.


Operational Burden

The time crunchMost finance teams spend the bulk of their time on operational tasks—up to 70%. That's often low-impact work like chasing down receipts and manually coding line items to the GL.

Rebalancing the Equation

The solution: Adopting a SpendOps approach with AI-powered technology streamlines the expense process and frees up valuable resources for higher impact projects.

Learn how Center SpendOps software reduces processing time

SpendOps: An approach used by finance to manage the entire spend cycle, from planning to purchase to processing and reporting, by leveraging technology to streamline operations and optimize spend.

Today's Card Spend: Growing but Unmanaged

Managing Card Spend Is More Important than Ever

You have systems in place for payroll and invoices, but what about card spending? More and more company spend is moving to cards, and only a portion is managed through your current expense system. The rest is reconciled manually, which adds hours to month-end close.


Expense Network



Stop Struggling. Take Charge.

For many companies, managing card spend feels like an impossible task. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. But card spend for business purchasing is here to stay, and rather than accepting struggle as the status quo, it’s time to take control.


Maximize Your Budget


You have a fiduciary responsibility to the company, its investors, and employees. When the economy is strong, you want to be a good steward of resources. When budgets get tight, the company will look to you for savings.

Hit Targets

Hitting Targets Always Matters 

Travel and indirect procurement, which can account for 20% more of your company's annual budget, are natural targets for optimizing spend.

But few finance teams have the bandwidth, the systems, or the data they need for in-depth analysis and proactive optimization.

Integrated tools like self-service reporting, AI-powered insights, and spend controls will help you achieve your goals. 



Center SpendOps Suite:
Next-Gen Expense Solution for the Entire Company

Center SpendOps Suite




  • No more monthly expense reports for employees
  • Self-service, up-to-date actuals for budget managers
  • Faster data and reporting for executives
  • Less tedious busywork for accounting
  • Simpler, smarter, speedier results across the company
Learn how Center SpendOps Suite can transform the expense process for your company:

Ready to Achieve More?


Reduce Processing Time


Increase Visibility


Deliver Better Outcomes


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